Set GROHE Sense Contrôleur intelligent Sense Guard + 3 capteurs intelligents Sense

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GROHE Sense water security kit – make your home safer with one complete kit

Welcome to GROHE Sense – the innovative smart water control system that is a real life-changer. This kit includes 1 GROHE Sense Guard and 3 GROHE Sense sensors. GROHE Sense Guard is a device installed in the pipework that automatically shuts off water supply in case it detects a pipe burst* or an unusually high water consumption**. Even micro leaks*** are identified. The three battery-powered GROHE Sense sensors detect flooding in spaces where water is used such as kitchen and bathroom. Just place them on the floor near the potential source of leakage. Combination of the devices maximizes the protection - if GROHE Sense detects water, GROHE Sense Guard automatically shuts off water supply. All devices are connected via Wi-Fi to your smartphone so you can manage them using the intuitive GROHE Sense app. It takes seconds to download and gives you instant control, allowing you to monitor your water supply, customize your settings and turn off the water manually. For a qualified installer, fitting GROHE Sense Guard is a simple job using the wall-mount set (22501000). Installation by one of GROHE´s Water Security Experts ensures reliable product operation. * GROHE defines a pipe burst as a complete hole or a crack in the downstream piping system, resulting in an unintended disposal of water with close to maximal flow rate. Pipe burst detection depends on the general water usage profile, therefore time-lag to shut-off can vary significantly. During that time water might be disposed. Achieve higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense on critical locations. ** Detection speed depending on the water usage profile in the house. Achieve higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense on critical locations. *** A micro leak test is conducted once every 24 hours. Pipe material, volume and other piping system characteristics can impact the result. Micro leak detection is limited to the cold water system in most cases. Combine with GROHE Sense to monitor potential humidity increase over time.

Principales caractéristiques du produit

  • Fabriqué en Allemagne
  • Marquage de conformité CE
  • 1 x GROHE Sense Guard
  • Alimentation sur secteur, 230 V
  • Détecte les micro-fuites, les ruptures de canalisation, le gel et les débits inhabituels de l'eau
  • Fonction d'arrêt; automatique, manuelle ou via l'application pour limiter les dégâts de l'eau
  • Détecte le débit, la pression et la température de l'eau
  • Suivi de la consommation d'eau
  • Notifications et réglages possibles via l'application GROHE Sense
  • Indication via lumière LED, notifications push et alarme sonore
  • LAN sans fil 2,4 GHz, protégé WPA / WPA2
  • Pour installation verticale ou horizontale juste après l'alimentation principale
  • Inclus : écrous de montage R3/4", câble d'alimentation extensible 0,7 m, fiche type C
  • Utilisation du kit d'installation murale recommandé. Vendu séparément-22 501 000
  • Classe acoustique groupe 1 (DIN 4109)
  • A installer sur l'arrivée d'eau froide uniquement
  • 3 x GROHE Sense
  • Alimentation sur batterie
  • Alertes automatiques pour les situations d'urgence - Risque de gel et inondation
  • Mise à jour quotidienne des informations d'humidité et de température
  • Notifications et réglages possibles via l'application GROHE Sense
  • Alertes grâce à un signal sonore, un signal lumineux et l'application
  • A poser sur une surface plane et non conductrice
  • LAN sans fil 2,4 GHz, protégé WPA / WPA2
  • 9 x piles AAA
  • Une éco-participation EEE est comprise dans ce prix



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